I'm %$#@! Poor.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Where are your entries?

I ate them. Kidding.

So I was looking through my blog, and, honestly, there's a reason I didn't really update. Makeup reviews, frankly, are a saturated expertise, and there are tons of people who do it better, faster and sooner than I could ever hope. I wasn't looking for sponsorships (frankly, the idea of receiving free stuff makes me feel obligated to say nice things--like when Anthony Bourdain received a fruit basket from Rachael Ray). I wasn't looking for followers (though there were the rare occasions I would awkwardly mention my blog to friends and websites). The fact of the matter is, I just am not very good at makeup reviews. Hell, I hardly wear makeup though my amassed collection has reached hellishly large proportions.

So, what am I good at?

Complaining. Aside from complaining, most of my interest was in art and fashion.

So what are my plans for this blog?

Actually, a lot more than one would think. Here's a list.

  • 50 Days of Recycling -- The first in my fashion-centric posts will be revolving around, shockingly, NOT buying clothing. I have already collected a lot of clothes and shoes. So, for 50 Days, I will challenge myself to not buy clothing or accessories, use what I have, and, if in need, borrow and/or swap from friends.
  • Holy Grail Product of the Week -- I am always on the hunt for products, and I'm always trying them out. However, over the time it has taken blogging about makeup, I realized I wasted so much money focusing on quantity over quality. At some point, all my makeup became up-for-grabs by my friends. It was too much! So, weekly, I will test a product. Rather than focus on color or packaging, I'll focus on the formulation itself. And it's not just skincare or makeup. Styling tools will be in the mix. This will be a way to synthesize and minimize waste and excess.
  • Organize-o-rama -- The devious ways I find to organize, clean and manage all my crap.
  • Personal Posts -- From my latest obsession to the stupid crap that happens to me, this blog will detail everything.
So let me re-introduce myself. My name is Dizzy. I'm still ultra-poor (though a better job permits more silliness). I am addicted to a lot of things that normal junkies don't get addicted to, like velvet fabric and Jack Black lip balm. This is my re-imagined blog.