I'm %$#@! Poor.


Skin Type + Makeup Preferences

I post this not out of narcissism (I wish I were that confident!) but because it makes it easier to understand my grading scale when it comes to products. There's also my personal blurb at the bottom. Thanks for reading!

My skin is combination. I have an oily t-zone but dry cheeks. This is annoying. I am prone to breakouts if I use the wrong products.

♥I am a MAC NW30 at my palest. L'Oreal True Match N3 (winter) or N4 (summer). These are my main brands concerning foundation, but I am always up for a challenge :3

My lips dry out easily. Part of this is because I work so much, I forget to really hydrate. This leaves me a little disheveled and shriveled. Products that alleviate this are awesome. I also have horrendously oily lids, so if an eyeliner or eyeshadow stands up to it with primer, good. If it stands up to my lids un-primed, all I can say is, "holy shit."

I am a sunscreen freak. I am not a model (nor will I ever be) so I have no reason to really buy foundations or lotions without SPF because I'm not constantly having photos taken of me (thank God, I'm not photogenic). I am huge on preventative skincare. This also affects my preferences.

♥I am influenced by Genesis P-Orridge, Karen O, Debbie Harry, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Grace Jones and Kanye West. A lot of my fashion and makeup choices are not conventional, nor do I think my style is universally appealing. I will still hunt down unconventional products.

I am a palette junkie. I rarely buy single shadows unless they are colors I regularly use (MAC's Pearly Seed, Brulee and Carbon >_<;; I can be so narrow minded when it comes to my MAC obsession). I am not a fan of buying single eyeshadows so these will be rare in my reviews.

I am not a professional makeup artist. I am self taught. I taught myself to draw, sew and paint. Makeup was the next natural step.